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Shell asked to coach their management team to improve their safety culture. Their drilling department oversees a multi billion dollar operation, averaging 12 offshore and 4 onshore drilling rigs, operated by about 4000 people. A challenge we obviously could not resist, so we started by listening.

The review and analysis of required support resulted to the "Winning Hearts & Minds Project", which was based on 3 major subjects: 

  1. Develop Team HSE Plans by those that actually do the work ('Bottoms-up')

  2. Provide clear direction and empowerment through Leadership Strategy Plans ('Top Down')

  3. Understand Human Behaviours through implementing the Hearts & Minds tools ('Behaviour Based Safety')


This approach proved to be very successful. Drilling Managers who lead their operation felt more empowered; Contractors felt more engaged and respected.

Shell reduced the number of incidents by 50%.



In our long lasting relationship with ENGIE, we helped the organisation with a range of projects:

  • Reorganization its Dutch Management Structure.

  • To lead in-depth investigations with regard to project related contingencies and major incidents.

  • Review & Audit of Safety Critical Elements for 26 Offshore Production Installations & 2 Drilling Rigs.

  • Development of Marine Operations & Pressure Test Philosophy documents

Electronic Circuit


ASML (World market leader of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry) asked Henk van Leenen to act as interim World-Wide HSE Manager in order to assess current EHS support at their regional offices and to provide an advise in restructering a fit-for-purpose support. An assignment that offered the opportunity to work with highly qualified staff in state-of-the-art clean-rooms and with the most modern manufacturing equipment available on the market today. To carefully understand the support requirements, many interviews were held with local engineers and management. 
The result was a comprehensive advisory report that was presented to the EHS Policy Board, chaired by ASML's Senior Vice President Manufacturing. The recommendations were fully accepted and successfully implemented.

Constuction Worker


For the BAM Civiel organisation we were asked to implement a cultural change programme. For this we focused on issues like "Urgency", "Getting the energy to start", "Top-Down approach', "Behavioral Based Safety", "Understanding the Management System" and "Us and Them". The programme was implemented using a systematic approach with the following 12 elements:

  1. Improve its reporting culture

  2. Conduct regular inspections

  3. Learning from mistakes

  4. Safety Leadership

  5. Team Safety

  6. Competence Assurance

  7. Hearts & Minds

  8. Compliance by Audit

  9. Project Safety Reviews

  10. Safety within the BAM Management System

  11. Suppliers & Contractors

  12. Our Health

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