Just a few of the international clients and the support we provided

Shell Europe asked to coach their senior leadership team to improve its safety culture.

Although safety was truly felt a high value, it had become an intellectual, calculative exercise without the required passion.

A project was started called "Winning Hearts & Minds". This was founded on 3 major legs: 

  1. Develop Team HSE Plans by those who actually do the work ('Bottoms-up')

  2. Give clear direction and empowerment through Leadership ('Top Down')

  3. Understand Human Behaviours by implementing the Hearts & Minds tools ('Behaviour Based Safety')


Just 18 months into the project, the number of incidents were reduced by 50%. Operational team leaders felt more empowered; contractors felt more engaged and respected.

During an interim assignment, Engie requested to review their Dutch management team with the objective to restructure reporting lines and accountabilities, and thus enhance its effectiveness.

Following a few major events  in Germany and the Netherlands, they also asked to lead an in-deph investigation to the root causes of project related contingencies and to advise on preventative measures.
As a long-term client, they additionally contracted several assignments, e.g.:

  • Support their Engineering department;

  • Review & Audit Safety Critical Elements for 26 Offshore Production Installations & 2 NOBLE Drilling Rigs;

  • Develop a Marine Operations Manual & Pressure Test Philosophy document.

BAM Civiel approach me to act as interim manager for their HSE departments and to implement a cultural improvement plan. For the latter, a 12-step programme was developed that consisted of:

  1. Enhancing a reporting culture

  2. Cross-departmental Inspections

  3. Learning from mistakes

  4. Leadership vision

  5. Team empowerment

  6. Understanding change

  7. Hearts & Minds

  8. Compliance management

  9. Management Systems

  10. Project Safety Reviews

  11. Contractor management

  12. Health

ASML is an innovative organisation and a leader in the semiconductor industry. They asked to act as interim manager for their World-Wide HSES Departments. During this period all regions and offices were visited.

This review resulted in a comprehensive report to the board, with recommendations for an improved and more effective HSES support to the entire corporate organisation.

The Uithof Tramline was a major project for the City of Utrecht. To guide its activity to a safe operable system, the Province of Utrecht asked me to review the resulting Safety Case to ensure the application of the RAMSHE methodology (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety, Health and Environment).

GSP Offshore in Romania wanted to expand their drilling facilities from the Black Sea to the North Sea environment.

For this they asked to help developing a Safety Case, train their leadership team and start an improvement programme to obtain Operational Excellence.

The Amsterdam Public Transportation organisation asked to chair a steering committee that supervised safety improvements. This applied the Underground transport (Metro), Bus, Tram, Ferries, as well as its corporate office support.

Following a fatal incident, Glencore asked to help investigating the root causes and recommend leadership actions to prevent recurrence.

In the early days of our Consultancy, EATON Automotive requested to Implement an Environmental Management System, based on the ISO-14001 norm;

In addition the asked to coordinate the certification of the Baldrige Award System;

and to review their QS-9000 system.

The Netherlands Oil Company NAM Assen asked me to act as interim HSE manager, to support their Drilling operations. During this assignment, my role was lifted to the Shell Europe leadership team in order to introduce the Hearts & Minds programme.

COA (the Central Body for the reception of Asylum Seekers) faces many reorganizations over the years, due to the varying influx of asylum seekers.

In order to enhance the safety competency requirements of location managers, All Safe Consultancy was asked to develop and execute a training programme for all of their key staff.

The Dutch NS (Netherlands Railways) asked to conduct a study to the compatibility of frontal passenger train crashes, considering their multitude of train types on the Dutch rail infrastructure.


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