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Safety leadership is all about belief. As a person, what are your thoughts, views, mindsets, and attitudes concerning safety? What do you aspire? Do you intervene when observing an anomaly? When rules are set, do you comply yourself? Do you care? What examples are you setting?


Behavioural safety for Leaders is being aware of psychology to promote safety. Behavioural safety within an organization typically involves creating a systematic, ongoing process that defines a finite set of behaviours that reduce the risk of injury, or organisational losses.

How may this affect you?


If an unplanned incident occurs in your organisation, how did the senior leadership contribute to this event? What decisions were made in the boardroom to cause losses at the sharp end of the job?


To answer these questions and understand how to improve leadership behaviour, Henk van Leenen applies a unique coaching strategy that gives you the tools and knowledge to prevent accidents and losses in your organisation.

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