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Improving Shell's HSE Culture and reducing the number of incidents by 50% !!!

Shell asked to coach their management of Shell Europe drilling department for a change of their safety culture. This is a major Shell department that manages a multi billion dollar operation, averaging 12 offshore and 4 onshore drilling rigs, operated by about 4000 people, mostly contractors. A challenge we obviously could not resist to grab with both hands. We started by listening.

Shell was experiencing too many incidents; contractor staff didn't feel engaged in the planning process; supervisors were getting confused about the number of safety initiatives introduced by senior management (or so it appeared), and more confusion was created about opposing safety goals that their senior leaders set. Most safety activities were regarded as a 'tick the box' exercise. Albeit that safety was truly felt to be very very important, it had become an intellectual, calculative culture without any passion; the 'heart' was out of it.

Consequently the "Hearts & Minds Project" was born. This Project was founded on 3 major legs that were applied simultaneously: 

1. Develop Team HSE Plans by those that actually had to do the work themselves ('Bottoms-up')
2. Give clear direction and space for empowerment through Leadership Strategy Plans ('Top Down')
3. Understand Human Behaviours through implementing the Hearts & Minds tools ('Behaviour Based Safety')

This approach proved to be very successful. Just 18 months into the project, the number of incidents were reduced by 50%. Drilling Managers who lead each operation feel more empowered and free to only do those actions their people think are against real risks. Contractors feel more engaged and respected. Also, a better appreciation is acquired about why some people deviate from the safety rules and knowledge gained on how to coach for better compliant behaviour. This was achieved by the workshop sessions on the Hearts & Minds tools.

Shell reduced the number of incidents by 50%! Now THAT'S a great project we are really really proud to be part of. Please contact us if you wish more detailed information on how we set this up together with the Shell leadership team, read the flyer, or if you want to start a similar programme in your Company.

Gordon Graham, Shell's Global Vice President for Health, Safety and Environment wrote:

"Henk van Leenen's work with Shell wells department in Europe has helped develop the HSE culture in our part of the business. Henk has been involved in the development of what we call "bottom's up" HSE plans - ie. plans made by our wide variety of teams to address the specific risks they work with or bring to the business. This has moved us from a purely "top down" approach to a series of integrated and owned plans managed at team level. Henk has also worked with the "Hearts and Minds" tools, leading us through HSE cultural surveys to help leaders and others reflect on where we are in our journey to what in Shell talk is "Goal Zero". Follow up to these surveys has included challenging and coaching leaders to bring about sustainable change."

Restructuring ASML's Global EHS Support Organisation

ASML (World market leader of lithography systems for the semiconductor industry) asked Henk van Leenen to act as interim World-Wide HSE Manager in order to assess current EHS support at their regional offices and to provide an advise in restructering a fit-for-purpose support organisation. A hughly interesting assignment that offered the opportunity to work with highly qualified staff in state-of-the-art clean-rooms and with the most modern manufacturing equipment available on the market today. To study the structure of this complex organisation in a volitile market was challenging but rewarding.
To carefully understand the support requirements from management, a selection of regional offices and manufacturing sites were visited and many interviews were held with local engineers, including representatives of some of their Clients.
The result was a comprehensive advisory report that was presented to the EHS Policy Board, chaired by ASML's Senior Vice President Manufacturing. The recommendations were fully accepted and implemented by their own management and EHS staff.



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