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All Safe Consultancy passionately cares for our Customers. We are always looking for their best interest, working proactively on strengthening our relationship, and give them our best service beyond the value of the contract.

The list below entails only a few of our Customers that we had the pleasure to work with. If you want more information regarding a particular project or company, either click on their logo and proceed to their website, or contact us directly. We will ask permission from our Customer before specific references or contactdetails are shared.

ADVI-SAFE Risk Management (Consultancy)

Projects for NAM en Shell

ASML (Semi-conductor manufacturer)

Consult for restructuring of the World-Wide HSE Support organisation.

BAM Civiel Head of Safety a/i:
Cultural Change Program for major construction projects
BUREAU BOON Partnership

BP Nederland (Oil- & Gas Exploration and Production)

HSE Superintendent

COA (Centraal Orgaan opvang Asielzoekers)

Development and Facilitation of HSE training for Site Managers.


Consultancy for ASML Project

EATON Automotive (Mirror Control Manufacturer)

Implementation of ISO-14001 system; Preparations for Baldrige Award System; Review of QS-9000 system.

ENGIE Paris Development of Corporate Procedures

GDF Suez Netherlands Senior Consultancy: 
Reorganization of Management Structure

GVB Amsterdam (Public Transportation)

HSE Leadership Coaching; Execution of Cultural change programme; Author of Safety Rules Booklet

ICN RIJSWIJK (Dutch Art Collection Storage)

Inspection and advice on fire prevention.


Instituto Nacional de Petróleos (Angola)

Consultancy for the Development of offshore safety training facilties.


Manager HSES Europe and North-Africa; Major Projects


Advise on Risk-Inventory and Evaluation.

NAM Introduction of Behavioural Based Safety Programme.

NEDTRAIN Review and advise on their own Risk Analyses; Conduct of Safety Inspections.
OOS International QHSE Director


Facilitation of ALARP Risk Assessment; Inspection for Railroad Construction works

RICAS Consultation and Support

HSE Leadership Coaching; Improvement of HSES Culture through Behavioural Based Programme

Xerox Author of Safety Rules Booklet
AST Angola Lda Trading Company and Consultancy for Angolese Authorities

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